Total Building Environments, Inc., a New Hampshire private sector entity, was established as 'a Total Solution Provider' to give Engineers, Building Owners and Operators a means to utilize everyday technologies in the areas of Systems Integration, Building Automation and Management, Energy Monitoring and Management, Lighting Solutions, Card Access, CCTV and Intrusion Systems. 

Over 28 years of experience dedicated to providing quality 'open ' platform solutions to Building Owners and Operators that break the cycle of having to purchase costly replacement proprietary systems.

Total Building Environments, Inc. is a NiagaraAX  and N4systems certified company. We provide technology based solutions by adapting to the buildings different communication protocols such as (but not limited to) TCP-IP, Ethernet, Lon Works, BACNet, OPC, MODBUS, SERIAL RS232\485\422 and oBIX.

Regardless of the system or manufacturer we have the ability to guide you to take advantage of the technologies available. The various platforms allow us to utilize Lon Works and BACNet technology products as well as being seemlessly adaptable to the powerful Tridium's Niagara Framework. This allows for a more 'true open systems' controller network with an open platform for web-based operator interaction. We chose flexible products which allows for custom programming of controllers to fit the application. This allows for customized applications to be created where pre-programmed ASC's (application specific controllers) will not work.

We can also adapt to virtually any buildings existing I/O (inputs or outputs) regardless of the manufacturer. This alone can be a significant overall savings to the client. As a 'Total Building Solution Provider', we have applied our services and expertise in the areas of commercial, industrial, institutional and retail facilities. Our current customer list includes a wide array of property management, telecommunications, educational and Fortune 500 installations.

Integral to our commitment is the selection and retention of the most qualified and capable personnel to serve our clients. Meeting our customer's needs first by striving to protect your facility, equipment and the environment. We then work to enhance your operation through proper management of the systems.

At Total Building Environments,Inc., "Clients are our Business". We devote our best efforts at exceeding your expectations. Our objective is to serve you honestly, effectively and efficiently. We provide the following:

                         - Complete and specialized systems proposals for your facility.
                         - Fully intergrated systems by qualified personnel to meet your needs.
                         - Complete ' turn-key' installations by our professional staff.
                         - Training of your engineers, maintenance team and authorized staff.
                         - Full Service Warranties for specified or extended periods.
                         - A Service Policy for after the warranty, that will provide future 'peace of mind'.

Total Building Environments, Inc. provides all of our clients with what we feel is 'Service above and beyond the sale'. As a client you can be assured you will not be charged for the questions you may have during the acclimation period of whatever systems or services we provide.  We understand there will always be questions. We have set our sights high because we know the only way to success is through clients like you.